The Bike Shop Book Tour honors Bike Shops as cycling's life blood. 

Chapter I was finished at Bike Works old New York Lower East Side location. Then Chapter II follows Hank Greenway's actual Manhattan stops on his goodbye to New York night ride. 

Chapter II ended at City Bicycles, November 1st, 2016, near the cyclists' route to Times Square. Chapter III, November 4th, Nomad Cycle's a cool name for the Friday before, post-election, Woody and Pete's Honky Tonk Lyceum, November 11th. 

The big idea for a Woody and Pete's First Act guitarist singing This Land Is Your Land was over-dramatic. In fact superstar Bruce Springsteen's Management failed to respond to an e-mail invitation and Arlo Guthrie's neither. Dylan you can't find as everyone knows and been told. While Patti Smith had no time, of course, having politely filled in for Mr. Dylan's Nobel gesture toward dynamite. 

Anyway. Good ideas are thrown out with the bathwater all the time. But through Woody and Pete's inspiration, while circling imagination's clouds, I came down with this there's no hiding from -

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